Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is also referred to as a Prescription Drug Plan for Medicare eligible recipients. It is an optional government program to help Medicare eligible beneficiaries pay for self-administered drugs.

When choosing to work with a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan it is important to understand these few items:

  1. New Medigap (Medicare Supplement Plans) cannot be sold with prescription drug coverage, however, if your current plan has it, you can keep it. You can also join a separate Medicare Part D plan and your existing Medigap policy will adjust your premiums.
  2. Medicare Prescription Drug coverage is optional. If you choose to not get it, you may have to pay more when you do take it as a late enrollment penalty.
  3. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) you may already have prescription drug coverage.
  4. Part D may be accompanied by higher premiums if you have a high income.

Are There Other Options For Prescription Drug Coverage?

There are many different ways that you may be eligible for prescription drug coverage. Prescription drug coverage may be provided by:

  • Employer or Union
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Indian Health Service
  • Medigap Policy

Be sure to check for all options before you commit to a plan and take advantage of your existing benefits to eliminate overlaps in benefits as well as be sure the plan you get covers the prescription drugs you need. For a list of prescription drugs currently covered under Part D, visit the website.

Does Part D Work With Other Insurance Plans?

Yes, Part D can work in conjunction with many other types of health insurance plans including Employer, Medicaid and many others. Learn more about this by talking to an agent in our office.

Do You Have Other Questions About Medicare Part D Plans?

Do you need help navigating your Medicare and understanding the Medicare options available to you? We’re here to help. Our agency has dedicated ourselves to helping Medicare eligible customers understand their Medicare Insurance and helping you find a supplement plan that works for your situation and budget. Please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Part D

Will my prescription drugs be covered under Medicare Part D?

It is hard to say. Everyone’s plans are different, and drug coverage varies between which insurance company you choose. Your best option will be to look up or contact your insurance provider and ask about their drug formulary so you can learn what generic and name-brand drugs your plan will help cover.

Will Medicare Part D cover my COVID-19 vaccine?

While some vaccines are covered by your Part D plan, the COVID vaccine is unfortunately not covered by this plan. However, your original Medicare Part A, Part B or Part C plan may provide you coverage for the vaccine. You may or may not be charged an administration fee for giving you the shot.

Are there any other ways that I can make my prescription drug prices lower?

Even though Part D can help you with purchasing your medicine, some of your prescription drugs may have no coverage, or the medicine can still be expensive for you. There are several ways to help lower your costs including, looking at different Part D plans to find one that might give you better coverage, talking to your doctor to see if cheaper generic drugs can be substituted for your name-brand medicine, or signing up for a program called Extra Help that helps individuals pay for their prescription drugs. To learn more about this program, click here to get additional information from