Life Insurance – Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is usually the easiest to understand: You select how much you want the policy to pay to your beneficiaries in an untimely death and how many years you want to pay premiums. As an example, you choose $100,000 in coverage for 10, 20 or 30 years. The premium will increase with the length of time; “the term”.

Term life insurance can be considered for those wanting:

  • Assistance with family’s loss of income
  • Cover immediate debt necessary
  • Help offset a single earners salary while raising children
  • Help paying a mortgage or covering college tuition

Benefits of a term life insurance policy:

  • Fixed premium
  • Set monetary benefit
  • Terms of up to 30 years

Only you can decide if a Term life insurance policy is right for you. Talk to an agent at Long Island Insurance Solutions today to discuss you options. We offer many types of life insurance policies. Call today.